Afraid to jump

So for the last few months I’ve been going back and fourth in my mind about taking a leap of faith to be successful. I came to the realization that staying stagnant will leave me at the secure place I am now but not the rich and successful man I inspire to be. I’ve listen to many successful people give speeches about how they’ve reach their place of success and to me it seems like the common denominator is the fact that at some point all of them took a leap of faith. Taking this leap of faith will come with a lot of set backs, bumps, and bruises , which I believe is the reason a lot of people are scared to take this jump. I know because I was one of the people afraid of jump but at some point if you want to reach a certain level of success. You have to do something you have never done before. You have to be someone you have never been before. You have to embrace the bumps in the road that are going to come unexpectedly. Those bumps in the road are going define you later down the line. Those bumps in the road will make that successful trip you take to the top so much sweeter. I for one will not be stuck in the same place forever. I will take my leap of faith and embrace everything that happens on the way. 

The main goal for taking the jump is financial freedom. Financial freedom is something every hard working man or woman should want for their family. To be able to travel, buy whatever you want and provide the best lifestyle for your family is by far the best feeling in the world. I’m guessing of course! With a baby on the way into this world and a great woman I want to marry. It has inspired me to want to be the best man I can be for my soon to be family! I want to be someone they are proud of and look up to. I want to be able to provide them with the best of the best. Though struggling builds character and makes a man a better man. I want to pass my son on something that truly matters and give him a head start in life. I want to instill in my son the value of hard work and for him to see where that hard work can get him. I want him to know anything is possible. The best way I know how to teach him these thing will be to show him first hand. I don’t want to be the dad that teaches his son all of these great things but yet I have never experienced it or have nothing to show for it. Once he is born I will start the process of molding him into a highly intelligent successful man! 

Looking toward the future and saying goodbye to the past is something everyone should do. Not only is it healthy for the soul it is also a great way to progress your life and challenge yourself to be the best you. I look forward to the challenges and taking them head on. Always did love a good fight! Lol. The point is soon I will know what this feels like to reach financial freedom and I know it will all be due to the fact that I was determined to change my life and I was not “Afraid To Jump!”


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  1. You have to take that jump, don’t let fear,hold you back. Remember when you leap you don’t do it alone. Jesus leaps with you.

    It’s best to try and fail them to regret for the rest of your life.

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  2. This brought tears to my eyes I am on awww of what God is doing and had done in your life I love this and can’t wait to see that little boy I am proud of you for having the desire to be the man that God had called you to be!!!! You are never alone when you place God first after that it’s family this you will always have !!!! Love you Me the other Mom as you all call me !!!! Ms Lynette

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